Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Finishing discoveries

It is so much fun to peruse Facebook and Pinterest and suddenly come across a finished example of one of my designs. Other people's ideas can totally transform the way I think of my designs. Here are two example I just came across, both from The Needle Works, in Austin, TX.

 I love the subtle colors used above, along with the jewels in the crown. I also love the beautiful background stitch, and the silk dupioni border. The choice of threads & fabric make this much more subtle than my original (below).
And how clever is this?! Stitched by Teresa C., my Tropical Mini Angel Fish has been finished to become a pet that never needs food (or cleaning the fish bowl).

...and here is how two different stitchers & their finishers interpreted my "Keep Calm…" Lilly Signature canvas:
Stitched by Dana Dickenson & finished by The Needlepointer, Everett, WA
Finished by, Raleigh, NC

…and I love these different ways of finishing my mini whales:
Stitched by Lisa Christensen Petersen
Stitched by Ann LaPlante and finished by Sue Parsons, West Coast Finishing

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