* Finished pieces

LOVE pillow stitched by Marjorie, customer of The Nimble Needle, Atlanta, GA. What gorgeous finishing!
Two coordinating shell designs finished in-house at Kate Dickerson - 
Each comes with stitch & thread guide.
Nora's Shells Tray stitched by my mother, in 1985
Beautiful stitching by Laura and finished by Bloomin' Stitches in Phoenix
Finished by Christine's Osterville Needlepoint Shop
Stitched & finished by Christine's Osterville Needlepoint Shop
Pucci-inspired Waves & Dots "Eliza B." Flip-Flops - Periwinkles, Turquoise & Greens
Thanks to Voila for the perfect finishing!
 Three Cowgirl Up! boots from Hingham Square Needlepoint in Hingham, MA
Two ornaments, beautifully finished by Christine's Osterville Needlepoint Shop on Cape Cod.
They both come with stitch guides.
The Chanel Fleur-de-Lys is stitched with a quilted pattern and finished with little gold chains - just like a Chanel handbag!
Hermes fleur-de-lys, stitched by Betsy G. and finished by Chaparral Needlework in Houston, TX - with real Hermes ribbon!
Louis Vuitton fleur-de-lys finished by Needlepoint in Paradise, Naples, FL
Blue fishnet bunny stitched by Sally Anne of Chaparral Needlepoint in Houston, TX
Goodnight Moon stitched by Ellen and finished by Po's Point in Charlotte, NC
Stitched by a customer of Christine's Osterville Needlepoint Shop
A special order beach name...this was beautifully stitched by Ann LaPlante and finished by Sue Parsons - so adorable with the beach balls and shells!
Our madras whale door stop - stitched by Julie & finished by Adornment Needlepoint, Winston-Salem, NC
Patchwork whale finished as a doorstop (weighted with sand)
Stitched by a customer of Louise's Needlework, in Powell, OH
Patchwork heart pillow finished in-house at Kate Dickerson
Comes with stitch & thread guide
Three mini hearts stitched by Ann LaPlante & finished by Sue Parsons
More photos coming soon!

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